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masternew option: --min-freeChristoph Groth9 years
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2010-07-24new option: --min-freeHEADmasterChristoph Groth
2010-07-24increase default rest timeChristoph Groth
2010-06-21change version to 0.4Christoph Groth
2010-02-26update READMEChristoph Groth
2010-02-24do not precede "nr remaining" with a hash signChristoph Groth
2010-02-24adjust parameters to be less demanding on resourcesChristoph Groth
2010-02-24do not kill ssh processes which run commands (this caused weird file mixing)Christoph Groth
2010-02-07almost total rewrite: run children processes asynchronouslyChristoph Groth
2009-10-27merge manual.text into READMEChristoph Groth
2009-10-26bugfix: treat commands with single quotes properlyChristoph Groth